Truck Repair Kansas City

In this article you will learn about Truck Repair Services in Kansas City, Missouri and Overland Park, Kansas. Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair provides a wide variety of light, medium and heavy duty truck repair. They include Transmission Repair, Suspension Repair, Rear End Repair, Mobile Welding, Trailer Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Brake Repair, Clutch Repair and Air Conditioner Repair.

A/C Repair

If you are like most, your truck is your office. Being comfortable isn’t just important, its a necessity. This really holds true when spending countless days behind the wheel. The mechanics at Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair have the expertise needed to ensure a comfortable environment in your truck cab’s interior. We can help you keep cool even in the hottest summer days.

Let us help you today with all of your light, medium and heavy duty air conditioning needs. We carry common A/C parts and accessories in house. We stock Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators, Expansion Valves, Filters/Dryers. Hose Fittings, Refrigeration Oil & Flush Solvents and R-134A Retrofit Kits

We can also help you with air conditioner hose repair and service. We specialize in Rubber Line Repair, Steel Line Repair, Custom Hose Fabrication, and Bubble Crimping of All Hoses.

Brake Repair

Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair fully stocks and installs brakes for all makes and models of Commercial Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Dump Trucks, Ready Mix Vehicles and Tractor Trailers. Our well stocked inventory includes Brake Shoes, Brake Drums, Air Brake Hoses, Air Valves, Air Dryers, Compressors, Hydrovac Vacuum Boosters, Service Chambers, Governors, Air Brake Fittings and more.

Clutch Repair

We can help you today with any type of clutch related problem in your light, medium or heavy duty truck. Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair has years of experience installing, repairing and rebuilding all types of clutches, foreign and domestic. The mechanics in our shop understand all the intricate parts and details in even the most sophisticated clutch systems.

Preventive Maintenance

At Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair, our Preventive Maintenance service is the best in Kansas City, we guarantee it! Our PM Service is one of our most popular, and here’s why. While most repair shops only check for common issues, we go the extra mile and check over 30 items. We break our checklist into 4 categories, Under the Hood, Exterior, Interior and General. Below are just some of the items we check during each and every PM Service we provide.

Under the Hood – Motor Oil, Power Steering Fluid, Coolant Levels, Hoses, Fuel Lines, Belt Tensions, Fuel Levels, Batteries and Windshield Washer Fluid.

Exterior – Head Lights, Tail Lights, Direction Lights, Spot Lights, Warning Lights, Clear Lights, Windshield Glass, Windshield Wipers, Reflectors, Coupling Devices, Hydraulic Lines, Tires, Wheels, Lug Nuts, Hydraulic Reservoirs, Springs (Steering Mechanism), Drive Line, Universal Joints and Drain Air Reservoirs.

Interior – Brakes, Steering, Horn, Safety Devices, Wiper Controls, Mirrors, Meters, Gauges, Controls, A/C, Heater, Seats, Seat Belts and Clutch.

General – Check For Loose Items, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Triangle and First Aid Kit.

Trailer Repair

Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair offers in-shop and mobile tractor trailer repair services. We work on all major brands and carry the trailer tires you need to get back on the road today. Our mobile trailer repair services are affordable and we perform our work in a timely manner to get you back on the road faster. Our shop is equipped to handle any type of trailer repair you may need. This includes walls, roofs, brakes, air line systems, lift gates, roll up doors and swing doors. Our mobile trailer repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are Kansas City’s one-stop source for affordable trailer repair and trailer tires. Our repair services are guaranteed to be done right the first time. Our industry trained mechanics are experts at properly diagnosing and repairing only what needs to be fixed. We understand that an improper diagnosis could lead to you paying for repairs that aren’t needed. We explain to you what’s wrong, and what needs to be fixed before we start turning the wrench.

Mobile Welding

Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair provides metal repair, fabrication and mobile welding in the greater Kansas City area. We offer in-shop welding services, but perform most of our work in the field. As many local welding shops are one dimensional, we offer a wide variety of installation and mobile repair services for commercial, industrial, fleet and agricultural vehicles. Our professional workmanship and attention to detail are the keys to our continued success and loyal customer base. We can help you today with rolling, bending, shearing, cutting or any other welding needs you may have.

Rear End Repair

Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair can help you today with your light, medium or heavy duty truck rear end problems. We provide full service, maintenance and repair. By stocking most parts, we can have you back on the road faster than the other guys. If you’re beginning to hear noises in the rear of your truck, today is a good day to get that checked out. Ignoring rear end problems can lead to further costly damage or even worse. It could lead to you breaking down in the middle of nowhere!

Tire Sales and Repair

Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair can help you today with onsite or in-shop tire repair, sales and service. Our mobile mechanics are available 24/7 to help repair or replace your light, medium or heavy duty truck tires. There’s no need to shop around, we have the tires you need today at the right price. Our in-shop services technicians can help you with valve stem replacements, mounting, balancing and old tire disposal. Getting new tires for your truck is one of the best ways to help with fuel consumption and ensure a safe trip even in bad weather.

Safety Inspections

The last thing you want is to be pulled over and taken off the road during a random DOT inspection. As we’ve all seen, the presence of Kansas City and Overland Park “Highway Safety” DOT trucks has risen over the last couple of years. An average DOT ticket can be upwards of $250 or more for the smallest infraction! Don’t risk it. Get your truck inspected today!

Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair offers DOT Inspections for all trucks that are required to get one. Regular inspections and truck maintenance can help control costs and keep you safe behind the wheel. It can also help to uncover safety issues and mechanical problems before they lead to costly breakdowns.

Suspension Repair

At Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair, we know there’s more to your suspension than just smooth corning and a comfort ride. The suspension system contributes to your trucks handling, braking, as well as isolating road noise, bumps and vibrations. A suspension system that is worn out or misaligned can be extremely dangerous, especially on wet roads and sharp curves. Proper maintenance and getting things “checked out” before they become worse can save your tires and more importantly can save you from having an accident.

Transmission Repair

The transmission is one of the most critical components in your truck. Over time, certain parts inside the transmission become worn out due to normal wear and tear. Typically, you begin to see this in the form of a transmission fluid leak. When a transmission is low on fluid, it can cause the gears to slip. Most people aren’t aware they are low on fluid until shifting becomes slow or unresponsive.

Another common issue that we run into a lot is hearing a grinding noise when in gear. This is usually caused by worn out bearings. It’s best to have your truck looked at anytime you suspect a problem with the transmission. Proper maintenance and service today can save you from down time and lost revenue tomorrow. Telephone consultation are always free!

Joe’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair is Kansas City’s leader in affordable transmission repair. We welcome all makes and models including Mack, Peterbilt, International, Sterling, Kenworth, Dodge, Volvo, Isuzu and Mitsubishi. Farming, Industrial and Agricultural vehicles are always welcome.

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